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The Maruishi EmblemЏ̗͂R

The corporate emblem of Maruishi has a long history: In the Meiji era, Mr. Jihei Inoue, Maruishi's first president, took over the emblem together with the name of Maruishi from Mr. Toyozo Ishihama, the founder of the Maruishi Firm established in 1888iMeiji 21j. The time-honored emblem of Maruishi, officially registered in 1910iMeiji 43j, has been handed down unchanged to our generation.
The Chinese character of g΁h (literally gstoneh) inside the round circle is symbolic of the mightiest hard rock that stays immovable against the strongest wind and the heaviest rain. The solidness of the rock represents Maruishi's solid business policy, as steadfast as the rock.
The forceful circle firmly holding the stone g΁hin it represents: inside the circle-wishing for more well-rounded corporate climate and happier family life of all Maruishi people, who continuously strive to make themselves more attractive and better-educated through mutual trust and respect for human life and dignity; and outside the circle-striving to create and strengthen good relations with all stakeholders and the society surrounding Maruishi, based on mutual trust and mutual understanding, for a prosperous coexistence, thereby realizing our continuing business development.
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