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Long ago in 1888, the year following the issuance of the first Japanese Pharmacopoeia, we started our business as a manufacturer of essential drugs listed in Japanese Pharmacopoeia.Since then, based on our solid management policy, we have continuously striven to contribute to the betterment of healthcare and enhance people's health and welfare through our enthusiastic business activities, covering R&D, manufacturing and marketing.

In recent years, we have focused on two specific areas|perioperative drugs and disinfectants/antiseptics, aiming for a more advanced“Specialty Pharma”with a strong presence in these areas. To this end, we have been proactively engaged in R&D activities to contribute to the improvement of the quality of lifeiQOLjof patients: in the former area, to create innovative and more effective pharmaceuticals to ease their pain caused by invasive operation or realize successful management of their pain associated with disease; in the latter area, to create products that provide the optimal hygienic environment for medical professionals and patients. In addition to these R&D activities, we are also proactively engaged in enhancing alliances to enrich drug discovery and drug fostering and to advance formulation technology.
We constantly keep in mind that essential drugs are our bases of business. Maruishi stays focused on expanding its market share as a leading company of essential drugs, maintaining a stable supply of high-quality products.
Each Maruishi employee is committed to fulfilling his or her responsibilities in all individual activities with high ethical standards and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, with "sincerity, enthusiasm and ingenuity" in mind. We will continue to make efforts to reinforce our solid management base to flexibly respond to every change in business environment, based on "mutual trust and mutual understanding" with all stakeholders. We dedicate ourselves, as we pursue each business objective, to contributing to society at large, hoping for the well-being of all Maruishi employees and our company's continuous growth.

Katsuhito Inoue



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