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Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Initiatives

Maruishi Pharmaceutical, as a company which can contribute to human health and welfare through making a contribution towards the development of medical care, will strive to conserve the global environment in all business activities to realize sustainable society.

Basic Policy

  • We Maruishi Pharmaceutical will be committed to take measures, such as energy conservation, resource conservation, waste reduction, and appropriate control of chemical substances to reduce environmental impact in business activities.
  • We will aim to perform research and development of environmentally friendly products and to improve existing products to be more environmentally friendly.
  • We will endeavor to use resources efficiently in production considering impact to the environment.
  • We will comply with environmental laws, regulations and social norms.
  • We will aim to foster awareness and improve ethical values for the environment among our employees, and encourage them to actively engage in environmental conservation.


Established in June 8, 2015


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