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Our sales force is the integral part of our business, as we strive to be a more advanced gSpecialty Pharmahin the areas of perioperative drugs and disinfectants/antiseptics, and enhance our corporate value as a leading company in the above areas as well as the area of essential drugs listed in Japanese Pharmacopoeia. No effort is spared in our sales teamfs enthusiastic activities to collect and provide detailed product information.
Each of our sales force members proactively faces challenges in his/her activities to provide medical institutions with useful information on our products, including safety and effectiveness for their proper use. Each medical representative iMRjvisits medical institutions to consult with medical professionals, with frequent support from marketing specialistiMSj of wholesalers. Well-trained operators are stationed at our call center, ready to take calls of inquiries about our products from medical institutions.
In an effort to maintain smooth and efficient flows of products and product information, our sales force members are dedicated to their day-to-day business activities to ensure a stable supply of reliable pharmaceuticals with a consistently uniform quality.
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