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About Maruishi
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High quality drug manufacturing systems with diverse capabilities for multiple forms/items supported by proficient technologies

The Imazu Plant, the mainstay of our plants, is producing about 100 product items covering each categories of perioperative areas, disinfectants/antiseptics and pharmacopeial essential drugs, which constitute "Maruishi Brand" with good quality reputation. The plant, having a total ground area of 19,400 square meters with a gross floor space of 13,700 square meters, is broadly divided into sterile and general operation areas and designed for productions of injectables, solid and liquid oral dosage forms as well as external medicines in liquid and ointment forms. Being the "Specialty Pharma" of inhalational anesthetics and disinfectants/ antiseptics, automated production lines are dedicated for our major products, which enable stable product supply with high productivities. Having accumulated know-how in supplying high-quality pharamacopeial essential drugs since company formation, we keep aiming at acquiring state-of-the-art technologies. We are also pursuing strict quality control in order to constantly supply consistent quality products through validated and highly reliable manufacturing processes and striving to establish a higher-level of quality system in order to meet the globalizing Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements.

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